Website Packages

Micro Website

Our micro website is ideal for promoting of small events, product launches, landing pages. Website visitors can see all the information they need on one page.


Basic Website

Our basic website is perfect for start ups who want a professional online presence.  A basic website can help small businesses increase flexibility, control, branding and credibility.


Medium Website

Our medium website is ideal for businesses that really want to show their website visitors what they have to offer. This will help your business attract new customers, build credibility and help grow your business.


Large Website

Our large website package is ideal for big business, organisations and enterprises who have various departments which want to showcase all aspects of their business. 


E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce website have gained a lot of traction since Covid 19 and has shown people that you don’t have to have a physical shop to sell your products. An online shop is ideal for selling physical products but can also be used to sell digital products as well. 

Starting from R15 000.00

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