Top SharePoint features – You Must Know In 2022

Microsoft Sharepoint Features is one of the most used and versatile collaboration software that is capable of doing pretty much anything and everything when it comes to merging software and suits.

A recent stat by shows that more than 81 out of 100 companies use cloud SharePoint for their business and team collaboration. This number has been growing in the past decade with over 200 million users worldwide.

Not only this, but more than 80% of the fortune 500 companies also use SharePoint for intranet and internal communication.

There still remains a gap in the usage of this power pact collaboration tool since a large portion of the user base is still not aware of the features it offers that impact and increases the productivity and efficiency of the system.

Top SharePoint Features 2021

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Talking about the latest SharePoint version Microsoft SharePoint 2019, there is a lot to discuss. Sharepoint is a web-based collaboration system that allows the integration of all files, folders, documents, and every other type of business information over the server.

It can be accessed across different types of devices through an internet connection and a web browser like chrome, firefox, Microsoft edge, internet explorer, etc.

SharePoint Features: Added Versions

To begin with, the first most noticeable thing about SharePoint 2019 is that it has been developed keeping in mind the companies that still prefer on-premises collaboration systems and data centers.

Though there have been several evolutions SharePoint has gone through, most of them will support the cloud-based data centers. The SharePoint 2019 is a revolutionary version because it has taken on-premises data management to quite a modern level.

1. A modernized outlook for SharePoint teams sites

The SharePoint teams in its previous versions had a very classic look which has now been upgraded to an ultra-modern look in the 2019 version.

The response triggers have been changed to default and the most commendable addition to this version is a news publishing engine that allows intra-team communication without the need for a dedicated chat group like in the case of Office 365.

This eliminates the need for any sort of exchange integration to be connected and ensure smooth functioning.

2. A modernized outlook for SharePoint communication sites

The next big change that is quite noticeable in the new SharePoint is improved communication sites.

Communication sites are primarily used by users to share any business-related and relevant news, procedures and policies, and any other form of information that is relevant to the user group included.

You can find three different templates for the communication site in the modern SharePoint 2019. These are Showcase, Blank, and Tropic.

3. Contemporary libraries and lists

Microsoft has gone deeper into building up this robust version of Office 365 that allows users to have all the important information at their disposal just at a glance.

The modern lists and libraries allow you to have information like permissions and metadata on the front page and also have retained handy tabs like “Move To” and “Copy To” for easy movement of data and information.

Not only this, just like MS excel you can now refine your data using conditional formatting on your lists and libraries. This allows filtered information sharing with the desired user base without exposing the complete data and makes information retrieval a lot quicker.

4. Modern search function

The new SharePoint also possesses a much easier and faster way of data search throughout the complete SharePoint environment. The newer search experience allows you to deploy filters and conditions in finding out the desired data.

5. Modern SharePoint home

The modern SharePoint home is now a sight to behold and is quite praise-worthy. The new SharePoint home gathers all the information from the different communication teams and communication sites.

This also brings together the sites you follow and all the activity you do on them can also be seen on the home page. This allows you to quickly access all your favorite pages and websites.

6. Improvised framework support

This is not a new feature but an improvisation in the old framework support. Sharepoint 2019 supports the SharePoint framework 1.4.1 which is an extensive framework to develop web parts that work on both on-premises SharePoint and online SharePoint.

This feature is most useful for developers who can now use webhooks for working on list items, can work on SharePoint framework client-side web parts, asset packaging, and automatic javascript file hosting through the app catalog.

7. Improvised OneDrive

The SharePoint 2019 allows its on-premises users to synchronize its OneDrive with Windows 10. NGSC or Next Generation Sync Client is the latest improvement that has been made to the OneDrive that Sharepoint 2019 uses and allows the users to work on most novel innovations like Files on Demand etc.

8. Improvised hybrid App launcher

Another feature that saw a newer face is the hybrid app launcher allowing users to enjoy an effortless and seamless transition between their on-premises and online environments when in hybrid mode.

9. Better Flow integration across PowerApps and BI

While organizations that are working on 100% on-premises SharePoint can enjoy the InfoPath and SharePoint features till the year 2026, the online clients or organizations working on hybrid mode have something else to look forward to.

The hybrid clients will better be able to use Flow, Power BI, and PowerApps across their on-premises and online content. This will allow them to have a more user-friendly Business Process Automation development process across a platform that is updated on a weekly basis for newer features.

Though this is not a new addition to SharePoint 2019 and is improvisation to Sharepoint 2016 version, it allows much smoother data integration across different SharePoint sites.

10. Power BI report server integration

This feature has taken the place of the previously used Business Intelligence features in the earlier versions of Sharepoint. With Sharepoint 2019, the Power BI report server is the new feature you can look forward to using in order to create exceptional reports.

SharePoint Features: Removed Versions

Though these additions and improvisations are undoubtedly stunning, there might be some you certainly miss in the earlier versions you were using. Here is a list of the features that have been removed from Sharepoint 2019:

a. Digest Authentication

b. Code-based Sandbox Solutions

c. Multi-Tenancy

d. Incoming Email Automatic Mode

e. PowerPivot Gallery and Refresh

f. Visio services- Silverlight Based Rendering

g. SharePoint Business Intelligence Scenarios

Why should you go for Sharepoint 2019?

The modern SharePoint 2019 comes loaded with features that every data-driven organization needs especially for the ones who work on in-house data centers and use on-premises SharePoint. Using it will give you a consistent user experience across all content types so that you can efficiently manage it and reuse it as per business needs.

The newly added and updated features on communication and team sites make day-to-day collaboration much faster, easier, and seamless. It is, on the whole, a complete package for on-premises and hybrid organization setups that look forward to effortless data and activity administration through complete integration between Sharepoint and OneDrive.  


Sharepoint 2019 brings about high-end data security to both on-premises and cloud SharePoint setups rendering extreme control to the organizations who have deployed them. The open architecture allows easy and seamless integration between different apps and extensions that make business activities smooth and trackable.

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