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Surveillance Cameras

Experience true peace of mind with WeTech’s cutting-edge security cameras. With crystal-clear high-definition imagery, intuitive smart technology, and a host of advanced features, you can trust WeTech to provide complete protection for your home or business.

Foward Thinking

Businesses operating in South Africa encounter escalating security challenges within a competitive trading landscape, necessitating adaptable and forward-thinking security measures.

Addressing customer requirements demands continual evaluation. At Wetech, we advocate for the integration of established security methodologies with cutting-edge technologies to achieve cost efficiency and optimal security outcomes.

Our extensive experience in mitigating diverse security threats for a diverse clientele enables us to develop bespoke risk management solutions that are not only client-specific but also pioneering and customized.

Unwavering Dedication to Excellence

At Wetech, we view quality management as a cross-functional endeavor that permeates every aspect of our operations. Ensuring quality and managing it effectively is not solely the duty of designated quality representatives; rather, it is a collective responsibility shared by every individual within the company.

To achieve this objective, Wetech’s business processes are meticulously structured and harmonized to align with this standard. Each business process is meticulously overseen throughout its lifecycle, incorporating elements such as customer retention and relations management, incident investigation and tracking, fleet and financial management, as well as resource scheduling and productivity tracking.

Our system is designed to be user-friendly, fostering a conducive environment for the development of best practices and the continuous enhancement of service delivery.

Recruitment and Growth Initiatives

Wetech is dedicated to deploying security personnel of the utmost caliber, whose demeanor, professionalism, and conduct reflect positively on both our organization and yours. Recognizing that they often serve as the frontline of your business and play a pivotal role in safeguarding your assets, we prioritize the selection of individuals who uphold our high standards.

Stringent screening and verification procedures are employed to assess the integrity and trustworthiness of every recruit, including comprehensive criminal fingerprint screenings and truth verification tests.

The performance and development of each officer are meticulously monitored throughout their tenure, ensuring a consistent level of excellence in service delivery. Recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance is an integral part of our approach.

All officers undergo ongoing customer-specific and refresher training, and are incentivized to participate in industry-standard self-study programs, with accommodations made to accommodate their operational commitments.

Tailored Client Solutions

Our extensive experience spanning numerous years has provided us with a wealth of insights into a diverse array of security risks and solutions. Drawing from this deep knowledge base, we craft bespoke and innovative risk management solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Crystal-Clear Imagery

Experience the difference with our high-definition security cameras, delivering unparalleled clarity for detailed surveillance across diverse environments. With advanced imaging technology, every detail is captured crisply, facilitating easier identification of crucial information and enhancing overall monitoring efficiency.

Smart Surveillance

Our proprietary systems capability enables SMART metering and monitoring of all utilities, ranging from campus-wide to residential settings. These systems interface seamlessly with customizable management dashboards, providing real-time data analytics and client-specific reporting functionality.

The Systems Management platform seamlessly integrates all facilities and utilities functions through a highly secure real-time monitoring solution. This solution is designed to facilitate communication with all elements, including devices and personnel.

A centralized Network Operations Centre (NOC) oversees real-time monitoring and support for all safety, security, and utility management services. Leveraging an intelligent back-end monitoring system, the NOC enables immediate, automated incident response and reporting.

Equipped with advanced AI capabilities, the NOC can predict and proactively address certain events, thereby reducing maintenance and repair costs and enhancing the overall total cost of ownership for any building or estate.

Night Vision

Even in the darkest of nights, our security cameras shine bright with advanced night vision capabilities. Designed to maintain high-level vigilance in low-light conditions, this feature ensures clear and detailed surveillance, capturing crucial footage when visibility is limited. Whether it’s nighttime or dimly lit areas, trust our cameras to provide unmatched clarity, keeping your property safe around the clock.

Motion Detection Alerts

Rest assured knowing that our security cameras are equipped with highly sensitive motion detection technology, designed to keep you informed of any suspicious activity in real-time. With instant notifications, you’ll receive alerts promptly whenever movement is detected, enabling quick response and enhancing security monitoring. Stay one step ahead with our advanced motion detection feature, ensuring your peace of mind and the safety of your property.


No matter the weather, our security cameras are built to endure. With a robust and durable design, they stand strong against the elements, ensuring 24/7 protection regardless of weather conditions. From rain to snow to extreme temperatures, trust in our cameras for continuous operation and reliable surveillance, keeping your property safe in any environment.

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Surveillance Cameras