Photography & Video


Encourage confidence and trust in you and the product or service you are offering because you are showing who YOU are not just what you do – Today’s customers are more and more wanting to connect with the person behind the business and their story!

Virtual Exposure Package

Videography to be captured by WeTech
R 2200
  • Virtual Walk through of company with all staff in action and a bit of creative action to show the team spirit
  • Video Coverage up to one hour and will include Drone if the weather permits
  • Final Product on USB in full HD in a high lite version edited and preferred music and write ups included
  • On average about 1 minute 30 second long

Photography for Business Exposure & Marketing

Photography to be captured by WeTech
R 1800
  • 1 Hour coverage of the company
  • This will include staff in action or operation and creative images to give the company brand mass exposure and to give the company the competitive edge
  • Images will be placed on a USB in high resolution with no watermarks to be used for Web designs or Media print
  • Images will become the property of the Web Designer and copyright will be handed to them to them to use and alter their images to their discretion