SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the practice of making your website and its content appealing to search engine algorithms. This usually involves incorporating keywords into your written content, maintaining your site’s performance, and other related techniques.

Effective SEO requires a careful balance. It’s important to use the right terms that allow search engines to know what your content is about, while not overloading your site content with keywords and making it unreadable.

3 smart tips for your SEO marketing strategy


Incorporate on-site and technical SEO to improve your content

On-site or on-page SEO refers to techniques used to optimise your content. This primarily means using keywords in your posts, titles, headings, and URLs.


Use content marketing to rank higher and attract visitors

Content marketing is the process of creating authoritative, relevant, and unique content to attract visitors. This should make up the bulk of your SEO efforts.


Implement off-site SEO to make connections across the web

Finally, off-site SEO consists of practices that affect content outside your website. Key off-site strategies include:

  • Link building: Encouraging links across the web that lead back to your site.
  • Guest posts: Writing posts for other websites’ blogs.
  • Social media: Promoting your business and website on various social networks.

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