Make 2023 the year you learn Python

Learn the most popular computer programming language with this 45-hour online training bundle — now on sale for just $39.


A coder writing in Python.
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2023 is here, and if you haven’t learned to code yet, it might be time to make a new resolution. Coding is one of the most important skills you can have in the modern workforce, and it’s easier to get started than you might think.

Many professional programmers recommend Python as a first coding language because it’s relatively easy to learn, has straightforward syntax and is extremely general-purpose, so you can apply your skills to a wide range of projects.

In The Ultimate Python Programmer’s Bootcamp Bundle, you’ll get a beginner-friendly education that will slowly elevate you to an intermediate and, eventually, an expert level.

In these courses, you’ll develop real-life coding skills by solving exercises of varying difficulty. You’ll learn the basics of Python so you can build programs that perform certain actions before learning how to fix bugs in existing programs, make changes to improve existing code and more. You’ll be able to use Python in a range of contexts, covering everything from basic web development to data science.

By the end of the courses, you’ll have the kind of comprehensive understanding of Python that will help you future-proof your skills and become eligible for coding jobs.

Make 2023 the year you finally learn to code. For a limited time, you can get The Ultimate Python Programmer’s Bootcamp Bundle for just $39. That’s a fraction of what you would pay to learn coding at night school or a university class, so don’t miss out on this fantastic deal.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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