Website Security

Safety first!!!

You want to ensure that your website is safe and secure not only for your visitors but for you as well. A hacked website could not only cost money to get repaired but it could also damage your business reputation. 

Putting website security best practices into place will protect your visitors from these common risks as well:

Stolen data

From email addresses to payment information, hackers frequently go after visitor or customer data stored on a site.

Phishing schemes

Phishing doesn’t just happen in email – some attacks take the form of web pages that look legitimate but are designed to trick the user into providing sensitive information.

Session hijacking

Some cyberattacks can take over a user’s session and force them to take unwanted actions on a site.

Malicious redirects

Certain attacks can redirect visitors from the site they intended to visit to a malicious website.

SEO Spam

Unusual links, pages, and comments can be put on a site to confuse your visitors and drive traffic to malicious sites.

5 Common Website Attacks


DDoS attacks:

These kind of attacks will cause your website to respond very slowly and can even crash your entire website altogether.



Also knows as “malicious software” and is well known for stealing sensitive information, distributing spam and allows hackers easy ways to access your website.



This is the last thing you want to happen to your website. Once your website is flagged it will warn visitors that your website has Malware on it. Search engines will discourage future indexing. 


Vulnerable Exploits:

Hackers will be able to gain access to your website by exploiting weak areas, outdated themes and plugins.


SEO Spam:

Ever noticed unusual links, additional pages and weird looking comments on your website?, Thos have put injected into your website to confuse your visitors and drive them to other malicious websites.

Get your website secure

We have come across our fair share of cyber attacks over the years and believe us when we tell you they aren’t fun at all.

Is your website and customer data secure?

Let us help you ensure that everything is safe and secure.